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Rex lives a quiet care free life. Although he lives in a van on the beach, he is satisfied by his simple and solitary existence. This lifestyle gets uprooted when he receives a call from his long lost sister, Roz, who needs a ride from prison. Roz convinces Rex to drive her across Texas to a friends house, where she hopes to get a new start. Rex and Roz travels the scenic roads of west Texas and revive their relationship. But Roz has an ulterior motive, which propels them down some dark roads that Rex was not prepared for.



Directed by:  Scott Brignac

Story by:  Scott Brignac, Chris Klein, Cody Bess, Bradley Jackson

Written by:  Scott Brignac, Bradley Jackson

Produced b:  Cliff Young, Scott Brignac, Cody Bess

Story producer:  Kara Lee

Story editor:  Melissa Brignac

Director of Photography:  Cody Bess

Assistant Camera:  Jordy Wax

Production Manager:  Kim Jones

Production Design:  Kim Jones

Script Supervisor:  Brian Long

Audio Mix:  Bob Boyd

Editing:  Scott Brignac, Chris Klein, Cody Bess

Color Grade:  Cody Bess

Location Audio:  Josh Smith, Bob Boyd, David Lascoe


Rex:  Chris Klein

Roz:  Amy Mire

Waitress:  Marlaina Smith

Rudder:  Cameron Worthen

Rudder's Buddy:  Brady Alland

Silver Saddle Owne:  rLee Stringer

Contestant :  Roger Kollmansberger

Dad:  David Born

Mom:  Celeste Roberts

Brother:  Travis Hester

Sister:  Isabella Luongo

Tourist Man:  Mickey Brignac

Tourist Woman:  Sandy Brignac