Follow three characters as they become self-aware and rebel against their writer.  



Will, in an attempt to escape from his troubled home life, digs for antique bottles in the woods.   While off on his unique hobby, he encounters Darby, a mysterious man who is also a bottle hunter.  Darby leads Will to a treasure trove of bottles buried deep at the bottom of an old Privy.  Will and Darby strike up a friendship as they dig the Privy, and Darby begins to help Will navigate his tough circumstances at home.  But Will soon discovers that Darby is more than he presents himself to be, and Will is thrown into a whirlwind of strife that he never saw coming.




Rex lives a quiet care free life. Although he lives in a van on the beach, he is satisfied by his simple and solitary existence. This lifestyle gets uprooted when he receives a call from his long lost sister, Roz, who needs a ride from prison. Roz convinces Rex to drive her across Texas to a friends house, where she hopes to get a new start. Rex and Roz travel the scenic roads of west Texas and revive their relationship. But Roz has an ulterior motive, which propels them down some dark roads that Rex was not prepared for.




Brian Crane is a boring kid who is failing his literature class, but due to an eccentric teacher he is pushed to overcome his awkwardness and live a better story. He is given three assignments that push him beyond his normal boundaries. In the midst of the assignments, he also has to contend with a zealous bully that wants to sabotage his success.




Four long lost childhood friends unite under the creative thumb of Reynolds, an optimistic teen who longs for his younger days.  Reynolds digs up an old time capsule that they buried and had forgotten about, which takes them on a crazy adventure that they will never forget.



Shane is a struggling teen, sorting his way through life as a street artist.  He meets Karis, a strange new girl in art class. One night Karis happens to walk up on Shane being jumped by thugs.  She mysteriously saves him, and Shane is convinced she has some kind of super human powers.  They become friends, but soon find themselves tangled in a mess with a local street gang over a debt owed by Shane’s older brother, Ricky.