Will, in an attempt to escape from his troubled home life, digs for antique bottles in the woods.   While off on his unique hobby, he encounters Darby, a mysterious man who is also a bottle hunter.  Darby leads Will to a treasure trove of bottle buried deep at the bottom of an old Privy.  Will and Darby strike up a friendship as they dig the Privy, and Darby begins to help Will navigate his tough circumstances at home.  But Will soon discovers that Darby is more than he presents himself to be, and Will is thrown into a whirlwind of strife that he never saw coming.




Eric Hystad
Dave Riggle
Kim & Rick Morrow
Mark & Jackie Adickes
Roger Kollmansberger
Brian Long
Jon Morris
Eduardo Cardenas
Mickey and Sandi Brignac
Heights Station Antiques Sharon Hattenbach
Greig Motors Inc. Tommy Carter
Police Uniform Supply Aubrey Harding
Greg & Rachel, Gabrielle, Natalie
Steve Kirkland
Lauren Hall
Inversion Coffee House
Catalina Coffee
Adrienne, Ben & Vivienne Alexander




WILL: Brendan Morrow
DARBY: Chris Klein
CASEY: Gabriella Adickes
SAM: Lee Stringer
GEORGETTE: Julie Oliver
ANGELA: Shelley Calene-Black
CONNOR: Randy Swilley
OFFICER: Misel Evtimov
CUSTOMER: Tommy Poynter
DELINQUENT 1: Jumarcus Mason
DELINQUENT 2: Grayson Blackburn
DELINQUENT 3: Sarah Haas


Director:: Scott Brignac
Story: Scott Brignac, Bradley Jackson, Cody Bess, Chris Klein, Cliff Young
Written by: Scott Brignac, Bradley Jackson
Director of Photography: Cody Bess
Score: Josh Smith
Sound Editing: Bob Boyd
Sound Mix: Bob Boyd, David Lascoe
Producer: Sarah Haas
Producer: Cliff Young
Associate Producer: Kara Lee
1st Assistant Camera: Chase Smith
2nd Assistant Camera: Jordy Wax
Camera Op: Chase Smith
Camera Op: Grayson Blackburn
Sound Mixer: Brian Albritton
Sound Mixer: Bob Boyd
Sound Mixer: David Lascoe
Sound Mixer: James Moran
Sound Mixer: Kent Ohler
Sound Mixer: Marcus Chandler
Key Set PA: Kenzie delaTorre
Production Assistant: AJ Malvey
Production Assistant: Elizabeth Gaddis
Script consultant: Melissa Brignac
Set Design: Jorge Tijerina
Set Design: Cliff Young, Mickey Brignac, Micah Ottosen
Catering: Sandra Brignac, Melissa Brignac

Additional music provided by The Music Bed.
Nightmare by Dustin Ransom
Diana by Tony Anderson
The Fire Within' by Convolv
The Walk by Convolv